Roadmap Model Documentation

The ICCT’s Roadmap model is a global transportation emissions model covering all on-road vehicle activity in over 190 countries. The Roadmap model is intended to help policymakers worldwide to identify and understand trends in the transportation sector, assess emission impacts of different policy options, and frame plans to effectively reduce emissions of both greenhouse gases (GHGs) and local air pollutants. It is designed to allow transparent, customizable estimation of transportation emissions for a broad range of policy cases.

Roadmap was first developed in 2019 by Caleb Braun, Lingzhi Jin, and Josh Miller.


Roadmap is under continuing development. Documentation of all versions since v1.5 can be found here.

  • Roadmap v2.3 Documentation
  • Roadmap v2.2 Documentation
  • Roadmap v2.1 Documentation
  • Roadmap v1.9 Documentation
  • Roadmap v1.8 Documentation
  • Roadmap v1.7 Documentation
  • Roadmap v1.6 Documentation
  • Roadmap v1.5 Documentation
  • Roadmap v1.10 Documentation